About Datasafe

Who should be interested

Western Canada oil and gas producers and explorers of any size will benefit from our:

  • decades of contingency planning experience
  • robust information technology
  • empowered staff

to ensure ERP compliance requirements and corporate objectives.

Datasafe Managed ERP

Your project team will consist of our Account Team and a Production Coordinator who will:

  • interface with your company
  • advise and consult
  • ensure project delivery and success

DataSafe is committed to continuous improvement. Your company will benefit from:

  • ongoing database development
  • information research and updates
  • compliance analysis
  • refined technology solutions

to create, maintain and deliver your ERP documents.

Client requirements

Partnering with DataSafe will require your resources to supply company specific information and to verify the accuracy of the public data used in your plans.

Self managed ERP

OPERA is powerful web-based software designed to enable self managed emergency response plans. This system provides you with the ability to research, assign, edit and present company and site information to create a compliant ERP.

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