Knowledge and information repository

DataSafe maintains a vast information and knowledge database intended for use in your ERP. Our clients can organize the data and generate reports or complete documents. The information store contains:

Oil and Gas Assets

Publicly available oil and gas asset data that is purchased and updated monthly.

Western Canada Emergency Contact Directory

Who they are, where they are and alternate contact numbers for those times when 911 doesn’t work. These numbers are also valuable for training and testing purposes. DataSafe's researchers update this directory at least annually.

Government Agency Contact Information

This information is also contained in our Western Canada Directory. It provides all government agency phone numbers with jurisdiction for your operating locations.

Trappers and Support Services

Trap line and trapper contact information specific to your locations and a standard support service list is generated in your emergency contact list. Your preferred vendors can be added to the system and will be included in the report.

Company and Site Specific Information

Your company specific information is entered and maintained on our system. The information can be readily changed and reports generated to update plan documents efficiently.

Knowledge Documents

DataSafe's base plans:

  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Pipeline Integrity and Operations Plan
  • Wildfire Submission Report

are regularly updated and available on our system.

Your own plans can be added to our system and benefit from improved management and printing capabilities.

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